A working single chip

Blinksight’s flagship product is a single-chip CMOS IC that delivers real-time information to track and trace people and objects in indoor environments. It delivers superior performance by its unique combination of high accuracy, long range and low power consumption.

A game changer

The BlinkSight solution is highly accurate and interactive in localizing objects, providing real time information anywhere, anytime. Hence it paves the way for game changing applications in areas such as smart homes and offices, healthcare, retail and supply chain management among others. As the chip is very small and operates at low power it is well suited for integration in connected devices like smartphones.

A fast growing end market

 The market of ‘Internet of Things’ is growing very fast. When ‘things’ such as consumer items, outdoor/indoor infrastructure and enterprise assets become connected to the internet, new experiences, operating efficiencies and business models are created. Within this growing market, accurate indoor GPS capabilities are playing a key role.