UWB Impulse Radio Technology

Precise Real-Time 3D Location

Integrated Hardware Platform

Modular Software Suite

Robust to complex indoor environments<10 cm (<3.9 inch) typical accuracy in Line of Sight (LoS)<50 cm (<19 inch) accuracy in Non Line-Of Sight (NLoS)No interference with communication infrastructuresApplication-specific data communication capabilities.

Advanced location algorithmsSupports TDoA, AoA & direct ranging modes of operationEasy integration with existing WiFi infrastructure200+ meter (650+ feet) rangeRefresh rate up to 1000x/sec100,000+ tags can be tracked simultaneously.

Based on BlinkSight’s single-chip solutionCompact single-chip tag design with integrated DSPPoE capable base stationsOperation in worldwide license-free frequency band (7-8.5 GHz)3+ years battery life on single coin battery

Example use scenarios:
-Improving inventory management
-Real-time asset tracking
-Enhancing staff safety
-Optimizing factory automation
-Analyzing consumer behavior
-Improving patient monitoring